Creation (abstract painting, 48×48, acrylic on canvas)

I love abstract art and after watching a documentary on a world famous abstract painter I said to myself that looks easy. I chose the name first and of course that had to be creation. For several days I struggled with concept how I would ever do a piece of visual art that would represent the creation of our universe – could it be the big bang theory. This turned out to be the most difficult painting that I have ever done. The understudy turned on me, questions arose that were so hard to deal with – they became emotional and very stressful. Finally I realized that my interpretation could not start at the beginning, I had to accept that a theory of always being would form my foundation of thought. Now I was under way < right or Wrong >. The theme would be always emerging and always changing .It would be a balancing act of dark side and a brighter side. It would have to show a great eye an eye that would be part of two worlds. One would be destruction and one would be creation.

The down under would have to have a perception of ocean emerging upwards into the glory of bright colors. I am pleased with the results as many visitors say that they like this painting the best of all. I am surprised to say the least. I let my patron’s interpret for themselves and it makes for great conversation. Surprise surprise, one day I turned the painting upside down and so did the patron interpretation -entirely different. Now that is ART.

Robin Hanson

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