Before It’s Gone

Now available at Chapters in the Fredericton Mall Fredericton N.B and Sharla Books in the Oromocto Mall Oromocto N.B. Robin’s first book, “Before It’s Gone”, has recently been published. A beautifully bound hardcover book filled with wonderful photography of the special places in the Oromocto River Watershed.

Excerpt from the INTRODUCTION:
I believe that each generation of people should be responsible for their interaction with the environment and that we must do all that we can in our time to protect and preserve nature, to keep it pristine and healthy for future generations. We have one of the most unique and pristine watersheds in Atlantic Canada, unspoiled by mining, municipal wastes and industry. We must protect it, we must not lose it.

Megan de Graaf – Forest and Watersheds Project Coordinator for The Conservation Council of New Brunswick says: “Before It’s Gone displays all of the breathtaking natural beauty of the Oromocto River Watershed. Robin Hanson’s stunning photos of waterfalls, rivers, wildlife and natural history certainly remind us of all there is to explore and protect in this river system.”

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Order your copy of “BEFORE IT’S GONE” today! $24.95 CAN

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