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Robin Hanson, owner of Hanson Art Gallery, is a self taught artist who was born in the quiet rural community of French Lake, New Brunswick, Canada. His love for nature and the outdoors is largely reflected in his work. He paints beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife of New Brunswick. Some of Robin’s other artistic endeavours include Sculpture and Photography. His quest for adventure has led him to experience life as a pilot, scuba diver, a river boat captain, wildlife advocate and sportsman. Robin has achieved success as an entrepeneur and is an avid community supporter.


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  • Maliseet (4×3, acrylic on canvas)

    Maliseet night fishing Atlantic salmon with torches. 4 x 3 ft acrylic on canvas.

    Around 1850, people of Fredericton would go over to the nashwaak River and watch the beautiful night performance. Great history. Enjoy, Robin.

  • Creation (abstract painting, 48×48, acrylic on canvas)

    I love abstract art and after watching a documentary on a world famous abstract painter I said to myself that looks easy. I chose the name first and of course that had to be creation. For several days I struggled with concept how I would ever do a piece of visual art that would represent […]

  • Atlantic Salmon (master class, 4ftx3ft, acrylic on canvas)

    Robin has been a long time conservationist of the Atlantic Salmon in New Brunswick and especially the Oromocto river system . Twenty years ago there were thousands of salmon in our river system and now there is between a few dozen and a hundred . They are on the endangered species listing yet the commercial […]

  • Hemlock Grove

    This hemlock grove is a protected forest in our Oromocto watershed . It is a miracle that this splendid forest of hemlocks missed the lumber harvesters . This 4.5 acre grove took nearly 800 years to develop .Over 80% of hemlock groves have disappeared in north America . Hemlock as lumber is very brittle and […]

  • Enniskillen

    Enniskillen is a small rural community in NB. I love history and am interested in how this community got its name and its start. To my surprise there are three Enniskillen communities in Canada. They are all named from Irish Immigrants who settled in Canada. The story’s behind these Irish immigrants is incredible. Most fled […]

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